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Cybersecurity, Privacy & Technology

A unique focus on protecting data and responding to breaches.

Safeguarding your sensitive data has become one of the most critical challenges facing businesses today with cyber hackers targeting and stealing data on a persistent basis. What is your obligation to secure your data, and how do you deal with a breach and its aftermath?

All industries need a basic information security program. Those industries deemed to be “critical” for the functioning of the country (healthcare, financial, energy, communications, and defense, among others) have increased obligations regarding identifying potential cybersecurity risks. Legal counsel should be employed before a breach occurs so that subsequent materials may potentially be protected. Even after a breach occurs, contacting legal counsel first may provide additional protection from unwanted disclosure of subsequent documents generated in the investigation of the causes (and effects) of the breach. Breach notification laws differ by state and are based on the type of breached data. Regulatory filings may need to be updated based on the potential for data to be lost. The threat of sensitive data loss requires identifying applicable data, and places where the data could be lost or stolen. Employee manuals and contracts with vendors should be reviewed.

Uniquely positioned to provide valuable guidance and counsel to clients, our Cybersecurity group consists of a multidisciplinary team of attorneys and professionals that have experience in a variety of legal specialties and industries, including technology, intellectual property, employment, corporate, securities, health and e-discovery disputes.

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