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Privacy, Cybersecurity & Technology

Uniquely positioned to provide guidance to clients on legal matters involving all aspects of data and technology.

As businesses become more entrenched in their use of data and technology, companies face a labyrinth of complex laws and regulations that continue to evolve and adapt requiring business owners to understand their data practices, the technology they rely on and the legal implications of their use.  We provide counseling on the various privacy and cybersecurity laws and regulations, the handling of both physical and electronic data, cyber insurance, incident and breach response, remediation and reporting, privacy policies and terms of use, data processing agreements, written information security policies (WISPs), service agreements and technology related contracts, and a host of other developing legal issues related to computer software, data and technology. We perform our services for a wide variety of traditional and online businesses including data brokers, healthcare providers, financial institutions, e-commerce sites, retailers, app developers, advertising and promotional marketing agencies, and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers.

Our Privacy, Cybersecurity & Technology group consists of a multidisciplinary team of attorneys and professionals that have experience in a variety of legal specialties and industries including technology, intellectual property, promotional marketing and advertising, employment, corporate, securities, healthcare, e-discovery disputes and litigation.

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