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Food & Beverage

Drawing upon their breadth and depth of experience across multiple practice areas, MHH’s lawyers provide comprehensive legal services to the food and beverage industry and help clients navigate the unique challenges they face in operating highly regulated businesses which produce, distribute, and serve food and beverages to customers. Our attorneys have counseled leading food and beverage clients on a wide array of issues, including federal, state, local and international regulatory compliance, international domestic distribution agreements, brand registration, labeling requirements, advertising compliance, trade practices and customs, and international trade matters. MHH attorneys also routinely assist food and beverage clients in protecting their intellectual property, including trademark prosecution and maintenance, and pursuing claims against infringing parties. MHH attorneys further represent clients in this space seeking to enforce their contractual and statutory rights against parties at every level of the supply chain, and have litigated matters including federal and state trade secrets claims, breaches of distribution agreements, and violations of state alcohol beverage control laws.

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