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Condominium & Co-Op Services

The attorneys in our Condominium & Co-Op Services Group have decades of experience, representing clients in a wide assortment of transactional and litigation matters affecting stakeholders in the residential, commercial and mixed-use condominium and cooperative arena.

Our attorneys hold leadership positions at local builders’ associations and belong to various distinguished local and national real estate organizations. Members of this practice group serve on the New York State Bar Association Committee on Condominiums and Cooperatives, as well as on the Real Property Section of the American Bar Association.  Members of the group also serve as Charter Fellows of the Construction Law Society of America.

Our lawyers regularly represent real estate developers and sponsors in connection with the filing of condominium, cooperative and homeowner association offering plans throughout the State of New York and across the United States.  Projects range from large, mixed-use condominium projects in major metropolitan areas to smaller, multi-family, building conversions.

Drawing on the Firm’s vast experience in the real estate industry, we counsel our clients in relevant legal, business and financial matters impacting the planning and operation of their projects.

In addition to sponsor representation and offering plan preparation, the Firm is active in the representation of condominium, cooperative and homeowner association boards, assisting them as their general outside counsel in handling a wide array of legal issues.

Our condominium and cooperative litigation practice covers all facets of litigation before state and federal courts, and arbitration tribunals — from the initial filing of a summons or arbitration demand to the ultimate prosecution or defense of an appeal and any matters in between, including the handling of all discovery and e-discovery, dispositive and other motions, dispute resolution and trial work on behalf of cooperatives and condominium associations and their boards, as well as homeowner associations, developers, real estate business entities, syndicates and LLCs, tenant associations and individuals

We regularly litigate a broad scope of real estate claims, involving construction or design defects; mechanics liens, contractual and ownership disputes, as well as statutory and corporate governance and fiduciary disputes relating to the election or liability of officers and directors of our cooperative, condominium and homeowner association clients.  In addition we litigate disputes concerning representations made in cooperative and condominium offering plans; disputes with unit owners, proprietary lessees, sponsors and/or a variety of third party stakeholders; as well as matters concerning issues such as licensing disputes with neighboring building owners and a myriad of other real estate development, financing and leasing actions and proceedings.

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