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Leslie Berkoff Serves As Program Chair & Moderator For New York City Bar Association’s CLE Program “The Intersection Of Bankruptcy And Arbitration In Domestic And International Restructuring”

Leslie Berkoff, a Partner of the firm, is serving as the Program Chair and Moderator for the New York City Bar Association’s CLE program titled “The Intersection of Bankruptcy and Arbitration in Domestic and International Restructuring” on December 2 from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm at the Bar Association.

The program will focus primarily on the introduction of bankruptcy and arbitration, and will address in what circumstances Bankruptcy Courts will consider allowing arbitration of a dispute and limitations with respect to the same. The program will also cover a summary of the current Supreme Court and Second Circuit decisions, as well as identify the most current approaches to addressing the intersection of the Bankruptcy Code and the Federal Arbitration Act.  The Panel will explore questions of how the issues arise within the context of the treatment of executory contracts during domestic Chapter 11 and cross-border cases and the impact of rejection of executory contracts on arbitration clauses.  The Panel will also evaluate and discuss how to harmonize arbitration and a larger bankruptcy case in terms of providing the parties with equitable relief, the need for expeditious case management, and cost effective strategies for smaller consumer based cases. A discussion of the use of arbitration within the context of cross-border multi-party cases will also be covered as applied to larger complex matters.

The program offers both in-person and virtual registration as well as CLE credit.  For complete details, visit NYC Bar

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