Tax Transactions

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  • Analyzed IRS Employee Retention Credit eligibility for a not-for-profit company.

  • Represented a client with its tax restructuring and pass through entity status in implementing a life insurance limited liability company.

  • Reviewed and analyzed tax structure efficiency and profitability for high-profile individual entering into an endorsement agreement and equity grant.

  • Represented a client with the corporate restructuring of a biotech company.

  • Represented accountant with implementing the most tax efficient structure for the sale of its assets and goodwill to another accounting firm.

  • Advised a non-U.S. resident in the tax structuring of a real estate deal for cost efficiency and tax incentives.

  • Represented family business established in 1952 with passing business interests from the second generation to the third generation by way of gifting shares.

  • Represented company in a restructure transaction, pursuant to which it amended and restated its operating agreement to add two new members, who subsequently entered into restrictive unit agreements and executive service provider agreements.

  • Represented a nutraceuticals company in corporate tax restructuring.

  • Represent company in international restructuring of a New York City based highend skin care brand with affiliates in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea. The resulting holding company is a Delaware entity and the restructuring was intended to take advantage of opportunities presented under the 2017 tax act.

  • Represented seller in sale of business (via type F-reorg and equity sale) of fintech company to PE backed strategic purchaser.

  • Represented seller in partial sale of manufacturing company (via type F-reorg and joint venture) to a foreign public company purchaser.

  • Represented industrial maintenance company in corporate tax restructuring.

  • Represented multiple location food and beverage industry company in corporate tax restructuring.