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Press Releases Long Island’s Newest Cutting-Edge Website


March 25, 2004, Garden City, New York: This week the Garden City-based law firm, Moritt Hock Hamroff & Horowitz LLP, was pleased to announce the launch of their new website. The new site is the result of a well thought-out process that began in August of 2003. ‘The firm recognized that in today’s business environment, we turn to the Internet as our primary source of information, and we wanted to be well-equipped to accommodate our clients and potential clients,’ says Jennifer Garrett, the firm’s Marketing Director.

During the development of the website, the firm focused on two major goals: organizing the site around the clients’ needs and developing an exceptional content management system that would allow the site to be updated regularly. The new site has a section entitled ‘Industries’ which gives detailed descriptions of the services provided to specific categories of clients, as well as listing relevant case studies (a progressive approach to the way law firms organize their websites). In addition, the state-of-the-art content management system will allow the firm to post current news items, seminars and alerts that are of concern to its clients, keeping them abreast of current news and events within their industries. Clients will also be able to register online for upcoming events.

Moritt Hock Hamroff & Horowitz LLP enlisted a partnership among two prominent companies in online technology to develop its new website: New York-based eLawMarketing and San Francisco-based Tenrec. eLawMarketing is a leading provider of online marketing services to the legal community and Tenrec is an outstanding web developer that offers a full complement of expert services from strategy to design to integration.

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