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Clients count on us to protect the full value of their innovations.

Intangible assets may be the most valuable part of your company. You work hard at developing your innovation, and as the world of patent laws continues to evolve, the protection and development of this valuable intellectual property remains critical to individuals and companies of all types.

Patents are an asset. They can be monetized or leveraged, licensed or sold. You can realize benefits from a patented invention even if the invention is never used in your products or services.

We understand the value of your ideas and regularly aid national and international clients to successfully navigate the complex legal procedures expected by the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

We represent clients throughout all phases of a patent’s life from conception to enforcement. From the entrepreneur striving to organize and finance a start-up venture, to the corporation seeking to protect its market share, we take pride in our innovative strategies and solutions designed to meet each client’s unique intellectual property needs.

The industries that we serve span a variety of technologies relating to electronics, computer science, physics, and material science such as: software; memory technology; multicore processors; augmented reality; semiconductors; vehicle networks; signal processing; Internet of Things (IOT); social media; machine learning; cybersecurity; search engine optimization; chemistry; polymers; lithography; waste treatment; nano technology; fuel cells; cryptography; detectors; mobile applications; military systems; RF-ID; computer and network architecture and monitoring; signal coding/decoding; optical communications and lens technologies; mechanical devices; and medical devices.

We strive to obtain the best results for our clients, and with our combined legal knowledge, experience and technical insight, our Patent practice adds value to every stage of the patent development and protection process.

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