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Start-ups & Small Businesses

Starting a business is both an exciting and difficult challenge. Having represented new and small businesses since the formation of our firm in 1980 (which at that time was a small start-up business), we are very experienced in, and sensitive to, the issues that face these companies. We recognize and appreciate the amount of work to be performed by business owners in order to succeed and we offer our clients cost effective advice designed to assist them in making the proper legal decisions.

Not only do we perform the services necessary to form an appropriate legal entity (to limit and/or remove the risk of personal liability for the businesses’ actions), but we regularly address and provide our clients with advice on how to deal with the day to day issues that face all businesses. Our services include counseling our clients on their dealings with partners, employees, customers and suppliers as well as providing guidance as to how to properly document their sales and business relationships in a manner that will maximize their rights. We also offer our clients a sounding board to bounce off ideas, opportunities and concerns to help them achieve their goals or overcome their obstacles. Having represented small and start-up businesses for over twenty years, we are confident that you can benefit from our training and past experiences.

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