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Just as any structure, in order to stand, needs a solid foundation with which to start, we provide our construction clients with the tools and foundation materials necessary to avoid claims before they occur and to properly analyze, position and document claims that our clients may subsequently have. In today’s business environment, it is not sufficient for the owner or contractor to know how to complete a building project. All parties in the construction industry require expertise not only in the design skills and technical trades necessary to manage a particular project, but also in analyzing the initial construction contract documents and specifications, interim change order proposals, documentary support for payment requisitions and requirements for properly establishing and dealing with liens, trust funds, claims and performance and payment bond claims.

At Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP, we have a core group of lawyers who regularly help owners, construction managers, general contractors and subcontractors navigate through the maze of documents and their legal consequences from the inception of the job through final payment, so that our clients can concentrate on what they do best: getting the project built. Our attorneys also assist the builder with financing the project, as well as sorting out the claims and priorities of competing interests when bankruptcy intervenes.

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