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Leslie Berkoff Panelist For ABA CLE Webinar In The Know-What You Need To Know About The Arbitration Selection Process

Leslie Berkoff joins leading industry experts for the American Bar Association’s CLE Webinar “In The Know-What You Need To Know About Arbitration Selection-From The Basic To The Bet-The-Company Case” on March 16 from 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 pm. ET.

Commercial arbitration offers disputants advantages that are not available to them in court. Among those advantages is the arbitration parties’ ability to select the individual(s) who will decide their dispute. The value of participating in the selection of the decision-maker(s), particularly in a high-stakes case, cannot be overstated. This program will provide practical advice from experienced advocates and arbitrators and an institutional provider that you can use to pick the arbitrator(s) who are most suitable for your case.

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